Ultima Online plans rentable storage vaults for F2P players, plus new castle and keep designs

Ultima Online

With the game’s 100th patch in the rear-view mirror, Ultima Online’s developers are already hard at work on the 101st patch due out in September, according to Broadsword’s latest newsletter. Notably, Bonnie “Mesanna” Armstrong says that the planned housing refresh is indeed coming that month, with new castle and keep designs on the way, subject to a player contest to decide which ones make the final cut.

Broadsword is also still working on “storage solutions” in the wake of the game’s free-to-play conversation last spring; players will be able to effectively rent 125-slot vaults for their account, shared across all characters, at a price roughly equal to $3 per month. If you don’t pay up, you lose the storage space – oh, and everything in it. It might be easier to just pay the $10-$13 sub and get a house, yeah?

Mesanna teases this year’s anniversary gifts as well: “Among the wealth of content included in Publish 101, I’d like to share a tidbit about the 21st Anniversary gifts. To celebrate this milestone we have broken open the wine cellar and hope you help us toast to celebrate the 21st anniversary of Ultima Online!”


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I’m curious to see what the retention rate is of new players checking the game out.

Robert Mann

The only way to get them, is real money conversion to cash shop money, which means those players truly F2Ping it… will never use this. Kinda interesting in that regard.