Bless Online’s latest community video goes into depth on the Assassin update


Things might be looking up… well, less down for the beleaguered Bless Online, as Neowiz says that both server consolidation and bug fixes are helping to stabilize the fantasy MMO. This means more updates for fans, starting with the upcoming Assassin class patch that is heading our way.

In the second community video, the dev team discusses the game’s “biggest update yet” and the debut of the newest class for Bless. The Assassin is a fast-striking, combo-breaking melee class that attacks precisely from the shadow. “Like a panther, mm!” the community manager said.

The Bless team is also turning up the heat on its PvP game with the upcoming Dominon Contract and Capital War, both of which will go into rotation and change out every weekend to offer a different hotspot for the game’s competitive community.

One nice surprise that was revealed in the video is that Neowiz is putting an end to runes being destroyed in battlegrounds. This change comes from strong player pushback against the possibility.


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Mike Pieniaszek

Purchased the game at launch but it was a buggy mess. always planned on rebuying it once they fixed there optimization issues tho.

from what ive been hearing about the population dying out tho, i might not have the chance. heres hoping they take the hint and come out with a similar business model to bdo at least (worst case but most similar game) and make the game f2p.. i left due to bugs but was always willing to give it another chance… others however hammered the news/ review outlets with negative reviews which stopped many new/future players from trying the game, bc lets be honest, 30 dollar buy in with no trial is kind of steep. and even with steams 2 hour refund policy, that barely gets you past the tutorial in a mmo like this and not enough to try out the game and its mechanics……..

the way i see it now, to save the game and population they either need to go f2p, have a free day where anybody who downloads/logs into the game and meets certain criteria can keep the game free of charge (but can only complete said objectives that day), and or lower the price down to 20 dollars instead of 30, that might not seem like much, but there are alot of better reviewed / hyped games within the 30 dollar price range , if someone has that much to spend there likely to go with something like pubg or the likes… where as if it was in the 20 dollar catagory, it would bring in a lot of the younger population to play, due to them paying with steam cards most likely, 20 dollars is the entry level steam card in most areas, you have that or a 50 dollar card…. im in my mid 20s, and when i buy a game for my console at gamestop and will likely never play it again, i sell it and then pick up steam cards. i can see alot of other low budget players doing the same thing, which is why a drop to 20 dollars may help, as well as not lose them much money….

sorry that last example kind of went on and on i know. but didnt really know how to explain it haha. anyway i see those as 3 options that could save the population of the game, with the later 2 giving a boost if not temparary boost to the playerbase,well the first, if done right should put us on the right track

Daniel Miller

Sorry no f2p. That would open flood bot doors.

As is is the game has no way to entice money from players besides purchase. Sure they can have a 50% off sale or such, but unlike bdo, no housing, no trade routes, no costumes new atm.

So its not like bdo or f2p.


Wasn’t it f2p elsewhere? Not that it was successful in the other regions but I was under the impression it was designed as a f2p title and was transitioned to be b2p in NA. If it wasn’t, maybe that is contributing to how bad it has been received as it is definitely isn’t worth $30 in its current state.

As for opening the flood doors for botting, a quick stroll through the sub-reddit shows botting is prevalent as is and that they don’t seem to be banning these players even when they are explicitly recorded botting. If you’re going to not punish botters anyways, might as well open the doors to increase player population. Botters vs no players, lesser of two evils.


Selling a F2P game and a bad one at that for $30 is downright insulting.