Bless Online’s latest community video goes into depth on the Assassin update


Things might be looking up… well, less down for the beleaguered Bless Online, as Neowiz says that both server consolidation and bug fixes are helping to stabilize the fantasy MMO. This means more updates for fans, starting with the upcoming Assassin class patch that is heading our way.

In the second community video, the dev team discusses the game’s “biggest update yet” and the debut of the newest class for Bless. The Assassin is a fast-striking, combo-breaking melee class that attacks precisely from the shadow. “Like a panther, mm!” the community manager said.

The Bless team is also turning up the heat on its PvP game with the upcoming Dominon Contract and Capital War, both of which will go into rotation and change out every weekend to offer a different hotspot for the game’s competitive community.

One nice surprise that was revealed in the video is that Neowiz is putting an end to runes being destroyed in battlegrounds. This change comes from strong player pushback against the possibility.

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