Survival sandbox Scum hits Steam early access on August 29


As a criminal who is trying to get out of the supermax system, you should probably know that nothing comes easily. So if you’re going to win your freedom, you should be prepared for a hard and long struggle… to become a reality TV star!

This is the strange premise behind Scum, an “extremely complex” survival sandbox that’s coming to Steam early access soon. And by “soon,” we mean “on August 29th,” because that’s the date that the studio just announced to its fans. The studio plans to keep Scum in early access for “at least one full year” while it tests the game and completes its launch day features.

It’s definitely a different type of survival sandbox, with a really in-depth character creator, mechs, zombies, drones, and more. Check out the (gory) release date announcement trailer after the break.

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Steve Fury

Just what we needed…

Joe Seabreeze

A cheater’s paradise

Steely Bob

Don’t think it’s an MMO, but I’ve had my eye on this one a long time. The ‘deep skill system’ is actually very interesting. How the game actually plays out (BR, Server Survival, Division-style, permanent characters), dunno yet. As a big fun of tactical shooters tho this looks really interesting to me.



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Ashfyn Ninegold

From the Steam FAQ, answering the question of whether it’s a BR game:

[Scum] takes the best features from various survival games and combines them into a huge, “do as you wish” sandbox game. It will be among the first games to provide you with a choice between hardcore survival and action filled events.

So it’s not a Battle Royale game, just parts of it. And:

Will there be female models in SCUM?

Of course, but they will be implemented later on.

It’s all about boys being gross, if I can judge from the trailer. It’s harder to make women this gross, so that’ll come later. (This may actually be a boon for players with lady parts.)

Question: [S]o this game is full open world pvp just without base building?

Answer: 1. Currently we do not plan any kind of base building. For us it doesn’t make sense to have generic wooden structures built near perfectly usable buildings/towns/villages. We don’t claim that base-building is wrong/bad, it just isn’t something that we see as realistic behavior in the world we are living in. What will be possible is securing specific areas by building walls around these areas.

Simple answer: Yes, we’re another OW FFA PvP game, just without base building.

Scum uses the terms “Survival” and “Open World” instead of OW FFA PvP and then tries to describe itself in such a way that no one guesses it’s an OW FFA PvP title.

But it isn’t as bad as it sounds because it has a deep skill system. And fame for killing fellow players. The higher your fame, the less XP and loot you lose when you die. But, you know, deep skill system so it’s all good.

Makes you wonder if devs are in some sort of state of denial. Do they not know what type of game they’ve created and what type of gamer players it? Or was there some dev seminar done somewhere, sometime that said “Even if your game is open world, free for all, player vs. player, never describe it that way.” Yeah, make us work for it.

If 64 people per server equals an MMO, it’s an MMO. If not, not. It’s another self-server game, meaning if you want to set up a server to solo, you can. They promise, actually no, they don’t promise, they mention that a campaign and other fluffly PvE stuff is somewhere down the road, presumably sometime during the year-long Early Access. Just add pets, instant PvE tag.

So, they made a boys-only OW FFA PvP battle-royale-sorta self-server not-quite-an MMO game. With a deep skill system. If you live that long.


Jonny Sage

Is it an MMO?