WVU researchers post survey seeking input on video game character avatars


I suspect that most MMO players, especially the sort who hang out on forums and blogs and care deeply about the games they play, consider their characters and in-game representations to be pretty important. I bet most of us are guilty of dumping plenty of time and money on cosmetics too.

So maybe this study will be of interest to you: Researchers at West Virginia University are conducting a study on “how videogame players think and feel about videogame avatars” with the aim of creating “an exhibit to highlight patterns in these experiences.” And yes, they’re hunting for survey participants to fill out a form about their characters.

Aside from the knowledge that you’re contributing to Legit Scienceā„¢ on video games, there may be something in it for you: All participants are entered in a $100 Amazon card drawing. Make your survey answers really good and you may be picked for a longer second survey and a $10 card. Yes, you can use a pseudonym for the study.

All for talking about your video game toons. Not too shabby.

Source: WVU via @JamieMadigan
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