Ashes of Creation confirms subscription model, allays fears over IP blocking and region locking


More overseas publishing information has trickled out of Ashes of Creation this weekend thanks to players funneling info from Discord to the forums.

Readers will recall that Intrepid announced last week that it had chosen to publish the Kickstarted MMORPG in Europe and the CIS region; that ignited a firestorm of criticism and panic over the move, prompting a statement and Discord chat that clarified what’s going on: specifically, that Intrepid would still publish the game in the North America and would retain creative control of the project elsewhere. At the time, localization and region-locking issues weren’t crystal clear, however.

That’s apparently changed following a monstrously long meeting between the indie studio boss, Steven Sharif, and the new partners at the tail end of last week.

“I have arranged my trip to Amsterdamn to HQ for this Friday, I will confirm no region locks and address community concerns with the team,” he told Discord followers. “Today I have confirmed business model will be subscription with no box cost, cosmetic only marketplace (will match NA).” He also noted that “Intrepid will handle packaging of the game client as well” and that there will be neither IP blocking nor region locking.

Source: Official forums. Thanks, BrotherMaynard!
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