World of Warcraft players take to the skies to defend their city with style


As the title of World of Warcraft’s latest expansion implies, Battle for Azeroth puts the spotlight on the ongoing war for superiority between the Alliance and the Horde. Reddit user BennyWoW took to the World of Warcraft subreddit the other day to share one Alliance PvP group’s unconventionally radical tactics in dealing with a Horde warband assaulting the Alliance city of Boralus.

The video depicts the Alliance raid group literally getting the jump on the Horde attackers by way of Goblin Gliders, which they use to sail down from a nearby mountaintop and catch the Horde by surprise before promptly dispatching them in an intense but short and ultimately, it would seem, one-sided brawl. It’s an excellent display of how to defend your faction’s honor with panache, and we’re sure King Wrynn would be proud.

Source: /r/WoW. Thanks to Serrenity for the tip!

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I’ve been playing in war mode and it’s been fun. I was never a PvP type but I enjoy the new powers it gives you… the rewards aren’t super compelling but it’s enough.

I find that one faction or another travels about in a Zerg and that’s who’s going to win. The fighting is typically very brief and prepare to have the area you’re in camped.

It’s not all bad, though. If only all battles were as epic as above. Sadly it’s typically the random pop that’s getting crushed and (both sides) usually just complain about it until it ends.

Roger Melly

Almost makes me want to play it again . I used to love the world pvp in wow . I just wish the questing wasn’t so easy . The community is another factor for not wanting to go back so many antisocial and immature players .

Maybe I will give the live servers a try when the classic ones are also available .

Ben Stone

World pvp is the best it’s been since vanilla.


Very creative way of getting the drop on them.


That was epic.


That was pretty cool!

Rick Mills

That was world pvp at its best :)

Rolan Storm

That was impressive.

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Team Blue all the way!