Fortnite adds in new limited-time Getaway gameplay mode for the High Stakes event

This Reservoir Dogs reboot looks bad.

Ready to turn your sessions of Fortnite into a heist film? The latest patch kicks off the High Stakes event, and that includes the new Getaway mode opening up for play for a limited time. Grab jewels, grab a van, and get out with your loot first. Playing a bunch of the event will also unlock cosmetic rewards, while more cosmetics are available for sale as part of a bundle right now if you’d prefer to go that route.

The patch also adds in new toys like grappling pistols to help you get tugged across the map quickly, which is good news for anyone who hates walking like a sucker. Of course, you could also peek at everything leaked out for sixth season and spoil yourself thusly, but don’t make a fuss if that reduces your enjoyment of the slow pattern of reveals. That particular heist will be one you pulled off on yourself.

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