Ashes of Creation kicks off its alpha 1 stress testing for top backers today


Stress testing for Ashes of Creation’s alpha 1 is beginning today, according to a newsletter sent ’round to followers yesterday.

“Alpha One is almost upon us so we’d like to give you a personal news update on what to expect! Starting on September 7th, 2018 we will be starting a series of stress tests to prepare our servers for your arrival! Admission to this stress test will be incremental and based on package tier. Our official Alpha 1 is scheduled to begin during the month of September. A date will be announced following the data collected from our Stress test environment.”

As we’ve previously covered, testers for this phase and the alpha 1 will be focusing on battlegrounds, and there are three: the 100v100 castle siege BG targeting December, a co-op city siege BG, and a 100-man battle royale BG, though it looks as if they’re being staggered out through next spring as they’re put through their paces.

Source: Newsletter. Thanks, BrotherMaynard!
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