Ashes of Creation kicks off its alpha 1 stress testing for top backers today


Stress testing for Ashes of Creation’s alpha 1 is beginning today, according to a newsletter sent ’round to followers yesterday.

“Alpha One is almost upon us so we’d like to give you a personal news update on what to expect! Starting on September 7th, 2018 we will be starting a series of stress tests to prepare our servers for your arrival! Admission to this stress test will be incremental and based on package tier. Our official Alpha 1 is scheduled to begin during the month of September. A date will be announced following the data collected from our Stress test environment.”

As we’ve previously covered, testers for this phase and the alpha 1 will be focusing on battlegrounds, and there are three: the 100v100 castle siege BG targeting December, a co-op city siege BG, and a 100-man battle royale BG, though it looks as if they’re being staggered out through next spring as they’re put through their paces.

Source: Newsletter. Thanks, BrotherMaynard!

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Bruno Brito

Seems like an Warframe/GW2 mix. Cool.

Oh, and it’s a co-op lobby game with BR? Meh. My interest was lost.


I can’t wait for that email. *checks every 15 seconds*

Ryan Jones

Is this game auto aim with a cross-hair ? Like ESO combat ? I cant tell what’s going on..

Brother Maynard

This alpha testing that starts in September will focus on action combat. Hybrid combat testing will follow in 2019. The final released game is planned to have both tab-targeting and action combat.


How top tiered do you need to be? I paid $450 and didn’t get an invite.


There are only 250 people in this test. As they need more people they will be pulling from the Kickstarter Backers in order of Pledges from the 10,000$ and moving down. Given that there were a few thousand people above the 1000$ mark, it will be awhile until the lowest tier of Alpha 1 testers make it in.

Matthew Yetter

All Alpha testers will be included before the end of September.

Brother Maynard

Your tier should get you an invite to this September alpha 1 test:

Alpha 1: Earliest Access to Ashes of Creation September 2018 commences

Access Points: Kickstarter Backers at Braver of Worlds and Above , Summer Sale Backers at Braver of Worlds and Above , Intrepid Pack Holders ($500 package), Official Content Creators

As for the stress test that starts today, I have no idea how many invitations have been sent. But I don’t think it matters too much, as it’s only 2-3 weeks before the alpha 1 – it’s really just what they say, to stress test their servers and to prepare them for up to 10k players in alpha testing.

So even if you’re not among the ones getting access today, just wait a bit and you should get an invite before the end of the month.

Edit: just to clarify, the alpha 1 test starts in September and it may well be as Aggelos pointed out that it will take Intrepid a bit longer to give access to all eligible accounts.