PAX West 2018: Ashes of Creation maps out its alpha testing for the next year


If you missed the Ashes of Creation panel at PAX West on Saturday, you’ll be forgiven – and richly rewarded all the same, as Ashes fansite The AOC Dungeon has a positively enormous line-by-line recap of the whole event that probably took more time to write up than the whole stream took the team!

Among some of the new and key info is the fact that the alpha 1 phase 1 stress test is beginning this week – don’t call them, they’ll call you, at random from the existing alpha 1 pool (40,000 people signed up for that). Testers will be putting battleground modes, arenas, projectiles, cosmetics, housing, character creation, matchmaking, and the UI through their paces during this phase. The battlegrounds sound interesting; there’s what’s basically a 100-man battle royale BG, a 100v100 castle siege BG, and a co-op city siege BG.

Alpha 1 phase 2 kicks off spring of next year, with its hybrid action combat tab target system, about half the races, all the basic archetypes, a quarter of the world map, progression ot level 20, and 1500-person server concurrency. And then Alpha 2 is set for Q3 of next year.

During the panel, Intrepid also stressed the game’s extreme customization and raid balance for the game’s hybrid combat system, as well as went in-depth on the format of the battlegrounds. Check out The AoC Dungeon for the complete recap!

Watch the second half on Twitch!

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