Destiny 2 addresses known issues in wake of Forsaken launch

But it worked all of the time before!
The launch of Destiny 2’s latest expansion, Forsaken, seems to have been a fairly smooth one, but as with any major update, a few issues have cropped up in its wake. Thankfully, the team at Bungie is on the case, and a new post on the game’s official site highlights some of the current issues for which the devs are implementing some quick fixes until they can be permanently ironed out in a proper update. Although some of the issues are exploits of a sort, the post emphasizes that players who have benefited from them will not be receiving bans or restrictions.

The issues in question include players being able to enter the not-yet-released raid to acquire loot from bonus chests, which have been “suppressed” until the team can “properly isolate them to Raid activities.” The post also says that players have found a way to rapidly acquire Prime Engrams using the Prime Attunement buff, but discourages players from using this exploit, as “acquiring large amounts of Prime Engrams in a short timeframe reduces the frequency in which you earn Prime Engrams as you continue to play the game,” and thus players who take advantage of this bug will likely not receive Prime Engrams “for the next two or three weeks,” ultimately hurting their long-term progression rate. For the full details on these and other known issues, check out the official post on the game’s site.

Source: Thanks to CapnLan for the tip!

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Way off topic but ” address known issue in wake of launch” is a useful title template :)

Jack Kerras

My favorite thing about this is they went from an immensely tight-fisted loot system to a loot system which literally WILL NOT DROP YOU ANYTHING aside from weekly/daily loot, when it comes to upgrades.

I like that it’s possible to find better guns via random rolls getting better stats etc., but -yeesh-.

Robert Mann

Well, that would be one way to counter exploiting. Exploiters end up with penalties to advancement and loot drops for X amount of play time… XD

I’m all for people having fun, cheating if they want offline. The moment you get anything online and it affects other people, that should be dealt with harshly, ideally with a big, angry, very highly accelerated whiffle bat to the virtual buttocks.