Star Citizen’s latest Calling All Devs dishes on recreating Earth, non-lethal weaponry, and customization


This week on Star Citizen’s Calling All Devs, Jared “Disco Lando” Huckaby sits down with some of the Star Citizen and Squadron 42 devs to answer questions submitted by the game’s backers. Topics on the table for discussion this week include the challenges of recreating Earth in Star Citizen, non-lethal weapons in both space and infantry combat, FPS navigation, and ship/hangar customization.

One backer asks how the devs intend to faithfully recreate Earth at quarter scale, and the answer is that they’re not entirely sure yet. As it stands, CIG’s tech isn’t quite up to the challenge of replicating Earth with its massive variety of biomes and environments, but over time, they hope to bring the tech up to a point that will allow a high-fidelity recreation of our home planet.

Another backer asks whether non-lethal weaponry will exist, and if so, how it will function. The answer is twofold: For space combat, non-lethal weaponry will (and indeed already does) exist, allowing players to deal damage to a ship’s subsystems to disable it without destroying the ship itself. On the FPS side of things, however, it’s a bit more complicated, and although CIG recognizes the necessity of non-lethal weaponry for certain professions (e.g., bounty hunting), it’s something that won’t be showing up until the systems are developed enough to support it. For the full answers on these topics and more, you can check out the full video below or head over to fansite The Relay for a helpful TL;DR summary.

Also of note is the ongoing CitizenCon 2948 Emote Contest, which invites this year’s CitizenCon attendees to record themselves performing an emote that they’d like to see in the game and submit it to the devs. Four lucky winners will get the chance to direct a mo-cap session in front of a live audience at a CitizenCon event on October 10th in Austin, TX. Submissions are still open until September 16th, so get those cameras rolling and strut your stuff.

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