Crowfall previews playable Centaurs and Elken for ‘Monster Month’


Now this is what I call getting into the spirit of Octo-Halloween-ber, the best month of the year: ArtCraft is rolling out previews of all of Crowfall’s monster races, playable and otherwise, over the next couple of weeks. Up first? Centaurs and Elken, two races not unknown to longtime followers of the game, but the recap is worth a look anyway.

Centaurs, for example, aren’t just stock horse-people; they’re “shrewd diplomats, powerful warriors, and respected philosophers” with bonuses to constitution, kicking, and movement speed (they also eat a lot!). They can run as Knights, Champions, and Cleric classes. And this is cute as heck: “The Centaur also gets a bonus Horseshoes Slot which acts as an additional slot for boots.”

The Elken, on the other hand, are stag-like beasts that communicate with their hands (yes, hands), the better to help them hunt and stealth. They can play as Knights, Confessors, Templars, Rangers, and Clerics.

The unique part about Crowfall’s races, note, is the vessel system itself – that being the “body that your Spirit Crow inhabits which allows you to explore the world” and customize your gameplay.

“When a vessel is created, its Race is chosen, and that vessel receives a permanent Racial Runestone. This Runestone contains all the attributes and skills that apply to that particular Race. Along with attribute modifications (such as increased Constitution or Dexterity), each Race has a unique Racial Bloodline Passive, a dodge, and a number of other exclusive powers. The Racial Bloodline Passive acts as a free passive — that is, you don’t have to expend one of your limited passive skill slots to use it and it’s automatically granted. These passives are thematic to the vessel’s Race (for example, the Centaur can move more quickly and the Minotaur is harder to stun). An important goal of ours is to make sure our Races all feel different when you play them. The sheer variety of choices, along with the different Classes and the addition of a vast array of Disciplines, makes for enormous customization potential.”

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Total Funding received $21,830,564, 7 years later it’s still in pre-alpha testing stage. Also if you want to play the game now it’s £171. Just to top it all there is VIP system in game which cost extra each month. GFX are ok noting to shout about, combat is the worse I have seen in years and Devs are nothing more than money grabbers. I know it’s news but I just can’t understand the hype on this one.


There is so much wrong information in this comment.

First of all, the Kickstarter was in 2015. It’s 2018 now. By my count, that’s 3 years, not 7. They’ve made large amounts of progress in that time.

Second, anyone that buys the game has access now. That means that even the €49.99 package gets you in and playing now (which I don’t recommend just yet, because it IS still a test environment).

Yes, there is a VIP system, but it doesn’t give power. Personally, I’d rather it just be a mandatory subscription system, but the VIP system is fine.

The devs are far from money grabbers. They have been some of the most engaging and responsive devs I’ve ever seen. They are constantly interacting with the community, responding and implementing things based on feedback. They are fantastic. And they even removed all of the really expensive stuff from the shop (which, btw, is pretty much just for buying cosmetic upgrades for your personal kingdom which is glorified, instanced player housing). That’s not exactly money grabbing.

Also, they have made massive leaps and bounds in progress. They’ve put out 3 major updates (with a 4th on the way) this year alone with tons of new features… everything from new classes and races (we’re down to just 1 class missing now) to more significant features like adventure zones, player vendors, the sacrifice system, crypts/vessels system, 3 faction campaign type, procedurally generated maps, and more. Plus a TON of optimizing and bug fixing along the way.