Chronicles of Elyria will let players choose their game worlds in upcoming map voting

Behold. Nothing.

It’s virtually every MMO player’s dream to be able to shape the worlds they inhabit, but Soulbound Studios is allowing backers of its in-development title Chronicles of Elyria do so in a very literal way by letting them vote on the maps that will be used to create the worlds on each of the game’s servers. The entire process is full of rules and regulations, and it’s fairly in-depth, but here’s the down-low: Map voting will be open beginning next week to any players who have claimed a pledge package of Elyrian or higher and whose accounts are in good standing.

Map voting will take place in two phases. The first phase will provide players with an array of map choices that will, over the course of the voting, be winnowed down to five possible maps per server. The Oceanus server is excepted from the first round of voting, “as they already have a unique set of 5 archipelago-style maps.” The second round of voting will have players choosing a single map from the set of five for each server, and the winners will be used to create the actual game world for their respective servers. For all the nitty-gritty details on who can vote and how votes will be tallied — and believe us, there are details aplenty — you can check out the full post over at the Chronicles of Elyria site.

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