Torchlight Frontiers’ Forts will be players’ homes amidst the wilderness


The world of Echtra Games’s upcoming action-RPG title Torchlight Frontiers is vast and untamed, but players will be able to carve out a piece of it to call their own through the game’s Fort system, which the devs revealed in a recent blog post. Forts will act as players’ bases of operations in Torchlight Frontiers, and players will have full freedom to design their Forts as they see fit.

In addition to customizing their Forts’ aesthetic by way of various decorative items that can be crafted or found in the game world, players will also be able to build and upgrade an array of buildings and crafting stations that provide mechanical benefits. For example, each class has its own dedicated building within the Fort where players can purchase and upgrade new skills for that class.

Forts will also provide players access to crafting stations, where they can create and upgrade equipment, as well as account-wide storage. There’s a social component to Forts as well, as players can visit each other’s Forts and make use of the facilities therein, which will “give players important reasons to seek out and forge connections with each other to exchange their specializations.” To learn more about Torchlight Frontiers’s Forts, you can check out the full post on the game’s official site.

Source: Official Site. Cheers, Kinya!
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