Check out some Monster Hunter movie pics from the set courtesy of the stars themselves


Movies based on video games are… well, they’re movies. The chance they end up in sometimes top 10 listicle of the worst transmedia synergies ever is pretty high. The Warcraft movie pretty much bombed critically, after all, recovering its costs only thanks to China. Thanks, I guess, China?

Anyway, let’s hope the same doesn’t happen with the upcoming live-action Monster Hunter movie, which is currently filming. As Kotaku noticed, stars Milla Jovovich and Meagan Good have been pumping out pics from the set over on Instagram. Apparently, some fans were “a little worried” following the first pic, according to Jovovich, but the specific military gear in use supposedly does make sense in-world.

Oh yeah, since you’re gamers and probably don’t use Instagram? A word of advice: Don’t read the comments. Instagram is even more poorly moderated than the social media you’re probably used to, so some of the top comments on these stunning pics are sexist and gross.

The whole roundup is over on Kotaku.

Source: Kotaku
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