Fallout 76 beta: You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave


Did you think it was possible for the bugs plaguing the no-wipe beta of Fallout 76 to get any worse? O ye, of little faith. Don’t you know it can always be worse?

Apparently today’s “worse” is that PC players are struggling to actually uninstall the game now that their beta has come to an end. When some players attempt to uninstall the game, they’re informed they don’t have access to the game, and therefore they can’t delete it. Uninstalling the Bethsoft launcher and all of its data also doesn’t appear to work. There’s also no basement in the Alamo.

Presumably, once the game is actually live for PC players (really, truly live) on Wednesday, it’ll be possible to delete it. Lest you wonder why people who already paid for a game are so enthusiastic to wipe it from their computers, it does look like the people affected are there on friend codes or already canceled their preorders.

(Currently angrily remembering the time installing Bethsoft’s Elder Scrolls Online literally deleted everything else on my hard drive. Known bug, they said.)

Source: Reddit via VG247
Shortly after this post went live, Bethsoft put out a fresh letter to beta players, though it’s primarily a thank-you to testers.

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