Digital card game Artifact hurries to address player consternation over its business model


You may remember Artifact as Valve’s entry into the digital card game market, with plans to have no moderation and no way of obtaining cards for free. That did not seem like a smart idea, but the game went into its beta testing after delays, and it turns out players were… oh, no, they weren’t on board, they’ve actually been pretty incensed about the business model. So Valve is tweaking it now, at least slightly.

Players will be able to try out a practice version of the game’s Draft format without requiring an event ticket (which costs real money), and a later build will allow you to earn event tickets by trading in duplicate cards (which, again, cost real money). Only time will tell if this leads to further business changes based on community feedback, but it doesn’t seem that a buy-to-play title with buy-in for more cards is exactly lighting fans on fire in practice.

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I watched Krippian play this over the weekend. It is a truly terrible looking card game. Art, gameplay, pace – everything was really off the mark. I couldn’t tell whether it was more boring to play or watch.


IDK who in their right mind would buy YET ANOTHER card game. MTG is free, HS is free, Yu-Gi-Oh! is free, why would anyone pay for this crap is beyond me.

Oleg Chebeneev

For same reason people buy games like RDR2, WItcher 3, Uncharted 4 when there is already alot of free crap out there.

Heck. If someone makes genius card game, I might buy it myself.