Bethsoft acknowledges ‘frustrated and angry’ Fallout 76 fans, previews December patches

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You know, I’m almost starting to feel sorry for whichever Bethsoft community manager is tasked with entering the bowels of the Fallout 76 Reddit to deliver missives from on high. But that’s exactly what one of them did this morning, with a message acknowledging that players are “frustrated and angry” over the state of the game and the studio’s silence.

“We’re posting an article today that has further information about the upcoming updates that were mentioned a few weeks ago. In addition, we’re aiming to get you the patch notes for these updates quicker and will have them available for December 4th’s update later this week,” says Bethsoft. “Probably Thursday or Friday. We’d like to make these articles weekly to make sure you know what the studio is working on as it relates to issues you may be experiencing, quality of life requests you have, or new features they’re excited to share.”

The December 4th patch should boost the stash limit, fix boss drops, fix cryolator effects, fix the death encumbrance bug, and fix the power armor bug. The December 11th update also fixes several bugs, but it’s more focused on content: Going live are push-to-talk, field of view settings, level 50 respecs, proper camp placement upon login, and the bulldozer feature.

Source: Reddit
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