Dual Universe is entering its first alpha phase this Thursday


The folks at Novaquark have announced that their civilization-building sandbox MMO Dual Universe will be entering its very first alpha phase at the end of this month. Beginning on November 29th, the game’s Kickstarter backers will be able to jump into the game to get their first taste of adventuring into the galaxy and settling among the stars.

Alpha access will be granted to Kickstarter backers in waves. Sponsor backers, as promised, will be the first ones through the proverbial doors when the alpha opens up on the 29th. The first wave of non-Sponsor backers will get access shortly thereafter on December 6th, and the devs hope to invite a new wave of backers every week thereafter, though they note that they “can’t promise at 100% that everybody will get access before the end of 2018.” Invites will be sent out 24 to 48 hours ahead of each test session, with older, higher-tier pledges receiving priority.

If you’re not yet a backer and want to get in on the alpha testing action, you can still get guaranteed access to the first alpha phase by picking up one of the game’s sponsor packs for $120 US, and if you absolutely cannot wait any longer, you can get immediate access to the game by purchasing a Patron Pack for a whopping $180 US. Building intergalactic civilizations isn’t a cheap enterprise, apparently.

There aren’t many specific details on what the game’s first alpha phase will include, content-wise, but be sure to keep an eye out for more information as the alpha kicks off in earnest in a couple of days.

Source: Newsletter
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