Torchlight Frontiers gears up for another alpha test


Following a fun and frisky first closed alpha test, Torchlight Frontiers is ready to dive right back into it. Alpha 2 is on its way, and this test should be bigger and better than its predecessor.

Starting on December 7th, Alpha 2 will expand the testing pool of players while continuing to focus on technical hurdles that the game must overcome in order to launch. Alpha 1 testers will be automatically invited to the December 7th test (and no character wipe — yet), with most of the Alpha 2 invites going out to the European community. Echtra Studios did say that some unnamed milestones — including skills, areas, and game features — would be held back for a future test.

“We need to make sure we’ve got stable and reliable services,” Echtra said. “This is the first priority for our team to address quickly. Issues that cause players to get blocked, unrelated to server problems, are also at the top of our list due to preventing an effective playtest.”


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Indigo Salma

so there were no legendary loot drops….


Maybe not. I remember Torchlight 2, I played a ton of and got ONE.

Oh wait, the full pic shows almost 5k legendaries.

/Radner “Nevermind.”


By my math that makes .07% of all items dropped legendary. At that rate no wonder you only saw one

lol Your chance of getting a legendary is basically 2x your chance of being struck by lighting I wonder if they did that on purpose.

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Ashfyn Ninegold

Very ready for this.