Star Wars Galaxies emulator plans Carrie Fisher tribute event on December 27


When Carrie Fisher died two years ago this month, I actually sat in my car and cried. This is not something I normally do, feel sad over celebs – it’s absurd. But she wasn’t just a celeb, and when the tributes started flowing in, I realized that basically every person I care about, cared about her – for totally different reasons. She was at the heart of so many important causes and movements, from mental health and body image to addiction and feminism to parenting and geekdom. Even dog lovers loved her. She was a hero to so many more people than I realized.

I have a reason for dredging this up and potentially making you sad all over again: Star Wars fans are planning to honor her inside an MMO this week. That MMO is Star Wars Galaxies, specifically the Legends emulator. Here’s the official announcement:

“December 27th marks the two year anniversary since Carrie Fisher’s passing and we want to pay tribute to the incredible story our princess, Carrie Fisher, lived and told. We want to invite you to a tribute service to celebrate her life which will be taking place on Thursday December 27th at Dee’ja Peak on Naboo (/waypoint 5225 -1655) at 10PM GMT UK/5PM EST USA/2PM PST USA. 11.15PM GMT UK/6.15PM EST USA/3.15PM PST USA”

Those of you who never played SWG might not realize that Princess Leia is actually in the game and plays a central role in multiple events and themeparks (quest hubs), and the Dee’ja Peak meeting spot on Legends is actually set up as a Princess Leia and R2-D2 memorial.

If you’re angling to attend or just want to drop into this emulator – one of many for the beloved MMO sandbox – check out our guide from this past summer.

Source: SWGL. Thanks to Thorsten for notifying us about the time change!
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