Black Desert Online’s Let it Snow event gets you free treasure for just staying logged in

Technically this is sort of a BDO thing, but they don't treat race like it'a separate thing, so whatever.

Don’t you hate when events expect you to actually do things to earn rewards? Black Desert Online’s newest event has you covered. Here’s how to reap big rewards from the game’s Let it Snow event: Log in to the game, then just stay logged in. You get a Snowflake for every 30 minutes you’re logged in, with a maximum of 10 per day (that’s five hours of being logged in, for the math-impaired). Then you trade those snowflakes to NPCs for boxes of stuff.

Boxes are available for 10, 30, 50, and 150 snowflakes, with higher denominations containing a different sort of reward (not necessarily better ones, depending on what you need); basic math will also tell you that you have about 200 snowflakes to earn over the course of the event. So log in and stay logged in for a while, and you can plan out what sort of upgrades will be helpful to you. That should be fun enough.

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