Latest Black Desert Online class adds Archer Rabam skills, kicks off Moonlit Memory event


The latest patch for Black Desert Online has gone live, bringing with it the powerful Rabam skills for the Archer class, a new event, as well as a handful of bug fixes and other minor tweaks. As of this patch, Archers can now acquire their Rabam Skills. At level 56, they’ll get to choose between two powerful area-of-effect attacks, Radiant Storm and Deadly Explosion, and then at level 57, they can take either Ultimate: Verdure Clout or a nifty AoE CC skill called Radiant Ensnare. In addition to introducing the Archer’s Rabam skills, the patch also makes a number of balance adjustments to the class.

On top of that, the patch also heralded the beginning of the Moonlit Memory event. Until January 23rd, players will receive one Moonlight Shard for each hour that they play, up to a maximum of two per day. Each Moonlight Shard can be combined with a Memory Fragment using simple alchemy to produce one to three Memory Fragments and, if you’re lucky, an additional Moonlight Fragment that can be used to repeat the process. It’s a good opportunity to accumulate additional Memory Fragments, so be sure to take advantage of it while you can. For more details on the Moonlit Memory event — and all the other additions and changes included in the patch — you can check out the full patch notes over at BDO’s site.

Source: Patch Notes

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Through all the controversy and all the nonsense over this game, I gotta say I’m still impressed with it’s weekly patch schedule. Every patch isn’t a major one, but usually each time there’s at least something going on or something getting updated.

The actual big news this week is scrolls. Boss scrolls used to expire after 7 days. They no longer expire at all. So you can hop in, grab your scroll, and go about your business never having to run them until you want to. This includes the regular scrolls, not just the Awakened versions. It also had the side effect where old scrolls became renewed so if you had a bunch of expired scrolls they’re now usable again.

In other big BDO news a huge balance patch hit the Test Server this week. Mystic, Ninja and Kuno nerfs went out while Warrior, Tamer and Valkyrie buffs went in. This has people reasonably excited (unless you’re a Mystic, Ninja or Kuno of course).

Meanwhile in the MENA server a huge number of exploits are being revealed having to do with the new Central Marketplace system. Players are able to exploit the rules of the market in a number of ways. While originally there was an initial exploit that let people generate billions out of thin air, other exploits have started to come forward due to new rules shifts.