MapleStory 2’s Skybound part 2 launches as Nexon bans exploiters and shuffles the classic team

[AL:MS2]MapleStory 2 got another big content infusion this week in the form of the second part of its Skybound expansion.

“The update introduces the Fortress Rumble Dungeon. Players who reach the ‘Trusted’ reputation can enter 5 types of single-player dungeons. The new dungeon rewards include Legendary weapons and armor. The update also brings the Wrath of Infernog Chaos Raid. Players can enter when they earn the “Alliance Soldier” Trophy and have reached at minimum level 50 with a 9,000 gear score. Players who complete this dungeon will have the opportunity to obtain Pluto’s accessory set: the very first Legendary accessories in the game. Additional updates include Housing User Interface adjustments, and a variety of fun seasonal events to kickoff the New Year.”

Nexon further notes that it discovered an exploit with gear mannequins, such that it disabled them and now has applied a fix to prevent abuse. Don’t think you’re getting off easy if you’re one of the 108 accounts that abused the bug; the accounts that clearly exploited (as opposed to encountered it accidentally) will see short- and long-term bans applied as well as see their items removed.

Finally, there’s some switcharoos going on with MapleStory 2’s 1’s community team: Nexon announced that Community Manager Aru has moved on and will be replaced and that the team is picking up a new producer as well.

Source: Press release, exploit, team shuffle. Cheers Kinya! This article has been amended since publication to clarify that the team changes are taking place for MapleStory 1, not 2.
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