The multiplayer Skyrim Together mod is about to hit closed beta


If you’ve been around the Elder Scrolls modding community long enough, you know that fan efforts to bring multiplayer elements to the franchise’s single-player games are a never-ending thing, perhaps especially in Skyrim, which has benefited (or suffered, depending on your view) from the longest gap between games than any of its predecessors. People have been mucking with it for over seven years.

So it was only a matter of time before one of these multiplayer creations, this one dubbed Skyrim Together, actually came to fruition, though we’re figuring the Patreon funding the project pulls in from donors every month probably helped spur that on more than mere time.

According to the announcement on Reddit, the dev team is prepping a “temporary closed beta” for backers, followed by free open beta testing of the eight-man (for now) multiplayer. Initially, most of the game’s basic features will be supported, with the exception of shared containers (and NPC inventories, because they are just containers), dropped items, the faction system, and object syncing.

Of course, if you just want multiplayer Elder Scrolls, a quite excellent MMO for that already exists, but this mod’ll be fun for when you, your kid, and your bro half a world a way just want to get your fus roh dah on without having some e-brat rush into your instance and steal your kills.

Source: Skyrim Together, Discord via Polygon. Thanks, Pepperzine!
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