Wild Terra is going free-to-play next week as its ‘next stage of active growth’

More like... mild.

You might have wondered whether this was happening, given all the key giveaways, but yes, you were right: Juvty Worlds is taking its isometric sandbox MMO Wild Terra free-to-play as of February 12th. But the company says it’s because the game itself is doing well.

Wild Terra Online is growing rapidly, in the 12 months we’ve released 8 updates and a free DLC. And the number of players online, over the past 2 months has increased by more than 50%. The transition to free-to-play is not a necessary measure, it is the next stage of active growth. We are determined to work productively and will continue to delight you with updates, and our policy related to microtransactions will remain the same.”

That policy is to stick to cosmetics, convenience, and status, but not power, and to provide store items in the game too. Reviews overall are mixed, with the negative spike recently seeming more to do with the last patch’s balance tweaks than with the impending business model shift.

Those who’ve previously purchased the game (or buy it right now when it’s under five bucks) will pick up a veteran pack worth over 10,000 gold, with a special cloak, 30 days of premium sub time, 10 portions, and five keys.

Steam Charts seldom tells the whole story with indies, given that the games are usually available off Steam too, but in this case, the game really has seen a spike in players – it’s just that it has only a few hundred players to begin with.

Source: Steam
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When I first booted up this game I felt I was part of a Russian data collection agency. There is no other reason for this to exist.


When I checked it out it seemed decent but still I do have better games to play. I am not sure with steam charts cause steam tends to lag most mmos, and I know personally me and other people i know prefer getting their mmos out of it. I guess it cant grow to big numbers because it tries to walk the thin line between highly pvp and building based sandbox so it cant really satisfy either easy – still can probably get a small dedicated playerbase

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I was going “maybe” until you called out that it is a PvP gank box.


I tried it a long time ago, it had bug problems like wildlife could accidently spawn in your “base”. Especially bears can be a problem. Also somehow some people could get inside others bases. I went to read on what people say about it just a few ago and if I understand correctly you can play on PVE server now too so logically this wont be an issue. I dont know if people can steal still from your base though through some respawn bugs


I didn’t know “risk of shutdown” is now called “next stage of active growth”.