Shroud of the Avatar’s cash shop is now dispensing buffs when you buy stuff


Shroud of the Avatar players dipping their toes into Release 62 for the first time might want to take a peek at the cash shop too, which is now dispensing buffs for buying anything as incentive to make purchases.

“To encourage players to try out the new crown store, they will get a small 1 day long buff with any purchase. The buff strength is the same whether you spend 1 crown or 1000. You can have up to three buffs at once and there are currently 22 variations. If you make another purchase and already have three buffs, the oldest one should be overridden, and you can also dismiss the buffs yourself. These buffs will remain in place for at least two months but possibly longer to help players with the transition to an in game store instead of web store.”

Gamers will recall that about a month ago, Portalarium announced a significant cash shop overhaul that put the cash shop into the game instead of outside of it, bringing it in line with other free-to-play titles. In other words, it kinda makes sense to incentivize players to use it. On the other hand, as set up, even dedicated players are calling it pay-to-win and wondering why the buffs aren’t just for logging in.

Meanwhile, in the game’s latest newsletter, the devs also say they’re rethinking a backer reward, or rather, rethinking the replacement for a backer reward that turned out to be impossible. “We are going to provide each eligible backer a new Duke Dungeon Throne Room,” the studio says. “In addition Dukes will receive a unique Duke Heraldry Paver they can place on the floor of this Throne Room where they can truly customize the space with their heraldry.”

Source: Newsletter, patch notes. Thanks, Gloop!
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