The Battle of Polytopia is getting crossplatform multiplayer, finally giving us a proper excuse to cover it


The Battle of Polytopia is one of my absolute favorite games period, not just on mobile, and apparently it’s rather well-loved around our office, as I discovered when I noted I was writing this. So I’m super excited to have a good excuse to cover it ever so lightly here, and that’s because it’s getting multiplayer.

So let me back up: Polytopia’s basically a turn-based strategy game, with incredibly slick stylized low-poly art and relatively streamlined mechanics and research trees – it’s like a trimmed-down version of Civ and other strategy games, intended for much shorter play sessions, 30 minutes or so. But it still somehow never feels dumbed down.

Now it sounds as if the game is expanding. Earlier this year, Swedish developer Midjiwan announced the game is porting from mobile to desktop at some point in early 2019 when it lands on Steam. And when that happens, the game will officially get cross-platform multiplayer. According to Droid Gamers, Steam players, who will be buying the game outright, will have access to multiplayer right away, while mobile players will have to buy a tribe (one of the playable factions) first. And then I’m totally gonna crush you with my little polygon archers. Pew pew.


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IronSalamander8 .

Got it on my phone last night. Finished my first battle but my score was low compared to others. Pretty neat game really, like a mix of a regular board game and a simplified version of Civ.

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Archers??! Pfft, rushing for Battleships is the way to go.

IronSalamander8 .

I like how this looks. It’s not available yet on Steam but may try out the mobile version. Love me some turn based strategy and I like the art style.