Nexon settles on five bidders in corporate sale as Tencent splits from Netmarble and MBK


Welp, I’m sorry, guys: You’re not on the shortlist to buy Nexon. I know you really wanted it, but it’s not to be.

As we’ve been chronicling, Nexon’s controlling family has spent the last two months entertaining buyers for the company, which is valued at a cool $9 billion US. A long list of companies has apparently been considering a bid, but now apparently Nexon has whittled the list down to five contenders: Tencent, Kakao, Bain Capital, MBK Partners, and an “unidentified private equity firm,” according to Reuters.

Previously, it appeared Tencent, Netmarble, and MBK would form a consortium for bidding, but now Netmarble and MBK are allied against Tencent. It’s not clear what happened with the preliminary bids from companies like Amazon, Comcast, and Electronic Arts, which were at one point throwing their hats into the ring.

GIbiz now notes that the bidding will begin in April and could wind up with as much as $13.3 billion changing hands.

Get caught up on the Nexon sale saga:

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