Kakao and Netmarble both bid for a controlling stake in Nexon last week

Leaf it up.

Our days of playing the fun “who’s buying Nexon this week” game are quickly coming to a middle as apparently the auction has finally come and gone. After months of speculation on who exactly would be allowed to bid and rumors that everyone from Disney to Tencent was champing at the bit to scoop up Nexon by buying out its founding family’s controlling stake in the company – worth around $11B (a hefty chunk more than the $9B previously reported).

According to GIbiz, both Kakao and Netmarble submitted bids in a round that closed Friday, along with private equity firms KKR & Co., Bain Capital, and MBK Partners. Tencent did not bid, despite rumors to the contrary earlier, though it already owns sizable shares in Kakao and Netmarble anyway. It is not clear precisely when company reps will make the final decision.

Source: Yonhap, GIbiz

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Bruno Brito

Netease, Kakao and Nexon.

Add EA, My.com and Daybreak and you got yourself a great round of Russian Roulette.


Wouldn’t Netmarble buying out Nexon be like RC buying out Coke?

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Netmarble is pretty huge, surprisingly. They’re just almost exclusively mobile so it doesn’t really come onto our radar too much. Doubly so since they do a whole lot of non-MMO mobile titles.

Between the two, I hope Kakao gets it. Neither seems like a “great” option, but they seem the less objectionable of the two. But I say this as someone who doesn’t play BDO much so I’m not sure how they handle that game outside of the super broad strokes I see in media coverage.

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Ashfyn Ninegold

Ah, KKR. Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co. That brings back memories of those halcyon leveraged buyout days, when companies were bought out for debt, broken up, sold off and pension plans (the real target) were looted, leaving long-time employees holding a sack of crumbs.


Eh, back when the Wall Street Journal was a decent business-oriented newspaper and not just another tool of the Murdoch disinformation empire.

Well, good luck Nexon.