APB Reloaded teases the incoming Riot content update


The city of San Paro is headed for a riot if hints coming out of APB Reloaded are any indication. The APB Riot content drop is planning something potentially big for the game, with a post on the game’s website offering some intriguing teases and promise of “a new generation of gameplay.”

Most of these teases focus on the RedHill Institute of Technology, a company that — at least on its face — is hoping to better the fortunes of San Paro. The fake company even has its own functioning website that calls back to medical and manufacturing victories it has scored. The blurb further sets the scene:

“The war between Enforcers and Criminals has now been raging for years , and unrest among the citizens has reached the breaking point. A new force has come to San Paro to gain control. RedHill Institute of Tech. Drastic measures are needed to tamp down the epic battle that is brewing. Whole blocks are being shut down. In this tug-of-war over control of the city, only one can come out on top. Will it be you?”

Dates on when APB Riot will go live are scarce, so we’ll have to take Coming Soon™ as the launch window for now.

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