Star Citizen begins Evocati testing of alpha 3.5, Evocati testers leak the hell out of that noise


If you were excited about the sanctioned glimpses of Area18 given on last week’s Star Citizen Around the Verse, then prepare to be even more excited as the first Evocati testers have been allowed into the 3.5 alpha test, and naturally, the subreddit is flooded with leaks right now.

To recap: Area18 is the shady urban dystopia area of the planet dubbed ArcCorp; it’s got that Bladerunner vibe with neon signs and fog and grit.¬†Cloud Imperium has been showing off the planetscape little by little as it’s developed over time; for example, Redditors have been dredging up some of the old videos. Here’s a pair from 2014 and even earlier:

But here it is now as the Evocati are seeing it in 2019:

[Evocati 3.5] Shuttle flying through Area 18 from starcitizen

There are new screenie dumps too, and yes, the new female model is there!

Evocati 3.5 Leak Batch 2

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And of course… the patch notes themselves. But admit it, you were just here for the eyecandy.

Source: Reddit. Thanks, DK!
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