Star Citizen previews urban dystopia and in-game holidays, drops February studio report


Very few settings in games spark as much joy in me as a glowy rainbow neon urban cyberpunk dystopia, so that makes this week’s episode of Star Citizen’s Around the Verse one I was not at all sad to pluck out of our newsroom to write about. That’s because the episode homes in on Area18, the Bladerunner/Coruscant/Nar Shaddaa area of ArcCorp. (Twitch, the character featured on last week’s episode, is based there.) The artists have been creating not just the functional part of the plaza but all of the animated holographic advertisements too.

The devs are also talking up the elements of alpha 3.5, including the playable female model, though the rest of the episode focuses on projectiles and in-game holidays. And speaking of 3.5: Cloud Imperium has posted the studio’s monthly report for February – yes we know we’re midway through March, but there’s a full check-in from all the teams working on this leg of the alpha.

Source: ATV, PU
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