Star Citizen’s hair tech has come a long way, as proven in this week’s Around the Verse


Sure, obsess about your space pixels and starships, but the spacelegs content in Star Citizen is still most compelling to me, and that’s exactly what’s on offer in this week’s episode of Around the Verse. NPC Twitch Pacheco is the star of the show: She’s a badass soldier and agent with lots of Bladerunner stylings and mo-cap acting, and she’s a key criminal mission-giver with super great hair. No really; Cloud Imperium says it’s making heavy use of the game’s hair tech to give her those killer braids.

There’s also a big chunk of video on planetary development and procedural cave system design, a segment on alpha 3.5’s rifles and other weapons, and acknowledgment that the Banu Defender will be delayed to alpha 3.6.

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