Broke Protocol’s Repair and Rearm update adds vehicle repairing and fixed turrets


Life in the blocky sandbox world of Broke Protocol is about to get… well, maybe not easier exactly, but somewhat more convenient perhaps. The recent Repair and Rearm update has provided a couple of features to the online sandbox that should be of interest for vehicle lovers and those who want to better defend their bases.

First off is the addition of fixed turrets. These new weapons come in machine gun and grenade launcher variants and are the first weapons in Broke Protocol to make use of projectile bullets instead of hitscan like other player weapons. Turrets are currently available to SpecOps characters at the military base but can also be used by map makers for a variety of different scenarios.

The other major addition in this update is the ability for vehicles to get… well… repaired and rearmed. Repair Shops are now a thing in Broke Protocol, either at the Auto Shop on the default map or any specified location in custom maps; you’ll know you’re in one when health and ammo displays highlight in green. To the point of ammo displays, armed vehicles now have limited ammunition. Military vehicles can reload at their spawn points at the military base, while fixed turrets slowly regain ammo over time.

The update has also introduced bed furniture items which can be used to regain health and log off safely, along with a number of bug fixes and adjustments. All of the details are in the patch notes.