Grim Dawn previews Shattered Realm tweaks, old-school gear revamps in latest dev blog


It’s been a few weeks since Grim Dawn’s latest expansion, Forgotten Gods, hit the proverbial shelves, which of course means it’s time for the developers to kick back, relax, and congratulate themselves on a job well done. Ha, just kidding. The folks at Crate Entertainment are already looking toward what’s next for their hit dark-fantasy ARPG, and they’re ready to give players a peek at what to expect.

The first update following the expansion’s release, version — which is “going into testing soon” — will be a major balance update that will adjust the Shattered Realm while also reworking some older sets that have been in need of some TLC. The malevolent inhabitants of the Shattered Realms are having their health scaling adjusted slightly from Shards 1-60 “so that the difficulty starts a little lower and progresses more smoothly before reaching the hardest levels.” The loot curve in that Shard range is receiving an adjustment as well, making it “so that the loot rewards start considerably higher.” Boss distribution in the Shattered Realm is also getting tweaked, which should prevent some particularly difficult bosses from showing up at lower Shards and generally make progression feel a bit smoother.

On top of that, the devs have also gone back to look at some of the game’s oldest sets and identified four that haven’t aged as well as they’d have liked. These sets — Bloodrager’s Endless Frenzy, Iskandra’s Unification, The Clairvoyant’s Focus, and Ulzuin’s Infernal Avatar — are getting retooled to bring them up to par with other sets, which should hopefully make them viable choices and open up some new build possibilities for players to experiment with. You can check out all the details on the incoming changes — and get a little tease of what lies beyond in patch — over on the game’s official site.

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Anton Mochalin

Grim Dawn is a good game but it really looks like is paid by Crate to post any tiny bit of news on the game when it’s not an MMO and even multiplayer is mentioned on 11th place on their feature list only mentioning it has co-op and PvP without much explanation. Why no news on Borderlands franchise here then? It at least stressed its co-op as one of its main features.


Played through it once before this DLC, I was kinda disappointed.

I did not know it had a Victorian setting, something I hate.
I did not know the story wasn’t finished.
The multitude of sidequests at first seemed engaging, but later became a pain to the point where I stopped doing them.
There were like 3 different swamp areas looking very similar to each other serving as 3 differnt “acts” in Diablo 2 terms, which makes very little sense to me.


Any chance this game comes to PS4 or is it an xbox exclusive thing?

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The Fallen Gods expansion has done pretty good for Crate Entertainment and has to date sold over 100,000 copies

Source: (about the 11 minute 50 second mark):

For a small independent I am sure they are pretty darn happy with that.

I am glad to see that they are continuing to support and patch the game going forward especially revamping some of the older gear sets so that they remain relevant. Some of the changes / effects are certainly sparking some build ideas for me and will have me rummaging through my bank stash.