APB Reloaded updates players on the state of the engine upgrade, bans, and content updates

Load it up.

The engine upgrade for APB Reloaded is still coming, but the most recent update on the state of the game addresses why the next big content update was decoupled from that engine upgrade. In short, it wasn’t clear when the engine upgrade would be ready for launch, and what the game needs as much as a shiny new coat of paint is a reason for people to be excited about playing it again. It’s a lot easier to get people about that shiny coat of paint when they’re having fun, after all.

It’s also become clear that a few automated ban flags were actually being more lenient than intended; essentially, there were some accidental flags on player accounts that listed permanent bans when the players in question were still able to log in. Player compensation from the Nekrova server is also in the work; you can check out the full dispatch for more details, along with more technical milestones hit by the engine upgrade.

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