Legends of Aria’s latest update brings changes to the mount system, introduces ‘horses that don’t suck’


Earlier this week, indie sandbox MMORPG Legends of Aria received its Point Release 5 update which, among other things, brought big changes to the game’s mount system. Why, you may ask? Because “regular horses suck.” So sayeth the latest dev diary from the folks at Citadel Studios, which delves into the rationale behind the update’s changes.

In lieu of these sucky regular horses (sorry, horses), the game has introduced ethereal mounts that don’t suck. “For starters,” the post says, “always having to dismiss the horse after you get off it? That sucks. Ethereal mounts dismiss automatically after dismounting, turning immediately into a statue you can use for remounting.” Ethereal horses also solve one of the more common community complaints, which is the problem of accidentally attacking your horse after dismounting. To demonstrate the suck-lessness of these new mounts, all players who log into the game between now and Sunday can snag one free ethereal mount per account, per server.

Of course, the mount system isn’t the only thing that the update tweaked; it also made changes to death and taxes, proving that they are not, in fact, the only constants in life — at least not in Legends of Aria, at any rate. There are a number of extensive changes to both systems, and if you’re interested to know exactly what they are, you can get all the deets over in the patch notes on the game’s official site.

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