Drakensang Online’s latest patch brings PvP improvements and the newest iteration of the Helios Games


The latest update for Bigpoint’s free-to-play fantasy MMORPG Drakensang Online is live today, and it brings with it the first of the game’s planned PvP updates alongside the new-and-improved version of the Helios Games PvP event. Players with a penchant for PvP combat will find a slew of changes and additions to Drakensang’s PvP systems, including leaderboards, battleground team-size adjustments, and PvP seasons, the first of which presumably begins today. Now, players can compete throughout the season to earn a variety of valuable rewards, which will be doled out at the end of the season based on leaderboard rankings.

Accompanying the PvP system changes is an updated version of the Helios Games PvP event, which tasks players with — of course — murdering each other without pity or remorse in order to accrue honor and complete quests. The most skilled murderers among them will be able to earn some fancy new gear and accoutrements, including the newest version of the Helios Amulet (which comes in bronze, silver, and gold varieties) and a set of Helios’ Elite equipment. And if that’s not enough, players can also multiply the fruits of their PvP labors with an array of event buffs that increase the rate at which they earn badges of honor and boost their PvP performance. For the full details on the patch and the Helios Games, you can check out the full update notes on the game’s official site.

Source: Patch Notes via Twitter
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