Inside Star Citizen discusses the 3.5 flight model, collecting feedback, and the Banu Defender


The weekly Star Citizen development video is out once again, and this time it’s all about that flight model, which is something that the players wrought based on their feedback if what the devs said is any indication, so if you don’t like how your ship moves, it’s totally your fault.

Basically, this current iteration of the game’s flight physics is based on player feedback, the first of which was collected during CitizenCon and the most “interesting” of which came from Evocati testing. A greater appreciation of ship-to-ship combat was also cited as a source of input. All of this information caused the devs to make what they called “a big leap,” but naturally feedback and tweaking will continue.

Speaking of feedback, the video takes a look at the general way feedback is collected, both from discussions that arise in official channels about the game and from in-game metrics. There’s also a look at a new rocket launcher, some clothing concept art that might lead to glowing textures, what appears to be a first pass for canyons on planet surfaces, and an in-depth look at work being done to build the Banu Defender; it’s all in the embed below.

Of course, if that’s all a bit too tame for you and you’re thirsty for that Star Citizen brand of drama, there’s word about the game’s “galactic” level of mismanagement and the discussions that’s brought up. Also, be sure to come back again for our Star Citizen-focused Lawful Neutral column later.

source: YouTube
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