World of Warcraft’s Anduin Wrynn brings his pretty face to Heroes of the Storm

World of Warcraft’s Anduin Wrynn brings his pretty face to Heroes of the Storm

Of all the fictional authority figures in the World of Warcraft universe, King Anduin Wrynn is easily one of the prettiest. At least in the top three, behind Aymeric de Borel of Ishgard and Lord Hien Rijin of Doma respectively (don’t @ me), which is a bit of a shame considering the view of your character while playing Heroes of the Storm is zoomed way out. Still, you can at least picture Anduin’s good, soft face while playing the hero, as he is now the latest roster addition to the MOBA.

Anduin is a ranged healer that calls upon the Light to support his teammates, though he naturally has a few abilities that can mete out punishment against foes if he has to, and his Leap of Faith trait allows him to pull a targeted ally out of danger and to his side if need be.

The latest update has also brought about some changes to the Battlefield of Eternity map and Volskaya Foundry map. In Battlefield, players can now benefit from towers guarding each team’s Healing Well and a re-tuning of Infernal Strikes, while Volskaya sees a swath of adjustments to the Triglav Protector to move it away from team power use and more for its intended pushing use.

The full patch notes are here and the spotlight for King Gorgeous of Stormwind is below.

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Thanks for this! I just recently moved from LoL to HotS and im really enjoying it, although I do wish people would stop playing Anduin! I am really loving the dedication of the devs to this game but I really wish theyd be brave and make bigger changes to help the game along; like making all heroes free to play.