Thirteen-year-old ARPG Titan Quest dropped its third expansion, Atlantis, this week


It’s not really that surprising when an old MMORPG releases an expansion, but it’s not exactly common in the world of ARPGs, which is why Titan Quest’s Atlantis expansion, which dropped this week, is so exciting, even knowing it’s merely multiplayer-optional (although let me tell you, multiplayer for this is amazing). I’ve got such a soft spot for this game; I sunk way too many hours into it (and into modding it!) back in the day.

“Action-RPG Titan Quest is back with its third expansion: Atlantis! The expansion comes with a brand new and epic story line, leading the players through the most mysterious of all cities. Explore new environments or dive into a vast amount of added quests in the well-known areas of the base game. Heroes can master new skills and fight with new items. The expansion also adds some quality of life and general improvements.”

The DLC clocks in at $14.99 (though it’s on Steam for $13.49 right now). The downside for anybody reading who for some reason doesn’t already own it (shame!!) is that you’ll need to pick up the base game plus Immortal Throne (the anniversary edition) to play it. The upside is that it’s on sale for four bucks, so you got this. There’s a bundle with the base game and all three of its expansions for just over 20 bucks too, which basically makes the base game free during this sale.

Source: Steam, press release
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