Trove’s long-awaited gardening overhaul patch is now on the test server


Trove’s gardening system has been in the works for a very long time – all the way back to early October. Of course, that was back before Trion imploded, and the game’s patch rollout has very clearly slowed down. Back in March, new owner Gamigo did confirm the gardening overhaul for 2019. And now, without much fanfare, it’s on the test server.

YouTuber Scyushi broke the news. “You basically wander around harvesting grass […] and it will randomly end up dropping plants and then a pod or bauble pod you can plant in your cornerstone (whereas the other plants you can plant in your clubworld,” he explains of the new system. Players will need to water these plants once a day (not once every few hours) using watering cans created through new crafting tables. Gardeners will be able to level up their skill (it’s a lot like jewelcrafting right now) and harvest the plants to unlock what look like more and better tools and rewards and products. I even spy some new plant-themed mounts and minipets in there. Notably, an account’s plants seem to all count down in sync with each other to make the process less obnoxious.

Even if you’re not into gardening, you gotta breathe a sigh of relief that the game’s still getting this level of love from Gamigo. Check out Scythe’s gardening videos below.


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Wonder if this’ll force already maxed out Gardners to go through the very start and be stuck climbing all the way back up to the higher tiers.