WRUP: Ol’ Jeb ain’t been the same what since he bought that pear tree edition

This might have.

Nope, I tell you, it ain’t no lie. Been living next door to Ol’ Jeb near on fifty years now, I reckon, but the man ain’t been the same lately. Not my neighbor, sure as I’m sittin’ here talkin’ to you. Ol’ Jeb ain’t been the same what since he bought that pear tree.

Used to be real neighborly, Ol’ Jeb, but now he don’t come out of that house for nothing. Other day I was on his porch, I tells ya, I was bangin’ on that door lookin’ for him! I says to him, “Hey, Ol’ Jeb! Y’all come out here, so I can talks with you about what done caused me to burn your pear tree right after ya planted it!” But he didn’t come out at all, and I done left when I heard me a shotgun bein’ loaded.

Y’all ask me, there’s somethin’ evil about that pear tree. Done be why I burned it! Guessin’ I need to burn it again, but I can’t find it, no sir. Y’all let me know if ya seens it down in the comments for What Are You Playing, ya hear?

Bonus question: What’s your favorite scary movie? It doesn’t have to be one that’s meant to be scary!

Andy McAdams: I feel like a broken record here – Final Fantasy XIV as I’m now in 4.x patch content and letting myself get a little distracted by other things in game now. I’ve got a slew of IRL activities this weekend, so gaming time will be a little bit less than normal.

Alien. That counts as a scary movie right? I mean, facehuggers and things bursting out of your chest? Yeah. I actually love the entire Alien series and have watched them oh. so. many. times. I wrote my undergrad thesis on Ripley. So, I uh, really like Alien.

(Alien is totally a scary movie. -Ed)

Brianna Royce (@nbrianna, blog): I’m predictable: I’ll be in City of Heroes. And while it’s offline moving? I’ll be in Star Wars Galaxies. The silver linings to my 2019.

I am not a horror movie person like, at all. There are some movies that still give me nightmares to the point that I can’t watch them. I’ll pick The Shining – doesn’t matter how many times I’ve seen and read it; it still terrifies me. Working as intended, I suppose, but not something I enjoy.

Chris Neal (@wolfyseyes, blog): So, remember last week when I felt like an idiot for reviving my deleted Final Fantasy XIV character? Turns out it was a rush of oxygen as I’ve gleefully taken to the task of reconnecting with her from both a mechanical and roleplaying standpoint. So basically I’ll be playing more FFXIV this weekend.

I despise scary movies. Never could stand them. What can I say? I’m a wussbucket.

Colin Henry (@ChaosConstant): I’ve got a busy weekend ahead of me, but I just resubbed to The Lord of the Rings Online, so I’m hoping to jump back into the progression server some this weekend. I’m way behind the pack, but I have really missed this game and my Loremaster. Hopefully I can catch up before everyone’s sick of Moria again, but don’t hold your breath.

Favorite scary movie: That Sonic the Hedgehog trailer. I’m still having nightmares.

Eliot Lefebvre (@Eliot_Lefebvre, blog): I’ve done most of my expansion prep work in FFXIV but I’ll still be puttering around there, and when not playing that I’m working through Shining Resonance Refrain on my PS4. I’m rediscovering the nice part of console gaming insofar as I’m less prone to distraction there.

I love horror movies, even though it took me a while to get there because of my general distaste for slasher films (which I find to be really predictable and just plain boring past the initial shock). Really looking forward to the second part of It this year. It’s hard to pick a favorite, but Session 9 earns high marks from me as an efficient and minimalist horror film; I also recommend the film Cthulhu, which is actually available in its entirety for free right here.

If you have more recommendations you should totally leave them in the comments.

Justin Olivetti (@Sypster, blog): Our Dungeons & Dragons Online group is assembling for another run into certain doom and death, and if I survive that, then I might be venturing more into the wilds of Fallout 76 (now with more social interaction!), pushing forth in FFXIV’s main story quest (Minfilia, pick up your phone already), and adventuring with Bingo Boffin in LOTRO (does anything get this guy down?).

Mia DeSanzo (@neschria): I will be playing Tree of Savior.

I am not sure what my favorite scary movie is. I love so many of them. I love monster and ghost movies, I should say. I am not a fan of slashers.

Samon Kashani (@thesamkash): Unfortunately, I don’t think I’ll be able to get any MMOs in. I’ll be AFK for a while. I should have time for some of school NES games though. I always wanted to play through the original Ultima games so that could be fun.

As far as horror goes, I think I’m going to go with the the Predator. It had its horror moments.

Tyler Edwards: At least one D&D session. Our Sunday group is iffy, but there’s an AL campaign we play every few weeks that we’ll be revisiting on Saturday. Going to once again glory in how overpowered my sorcerer/warlock is. As far as digital stuff, I bought a month of Origin Access just to try out a whole bunch of games. Most of them have lost me pretty fast, but Dungeons 3 has actually really sucked me in. The mechanics are just deep enough to be interesting but not taxing, and it’s a great relaxing game to play while I’m still get over this miserable cold.

Not a horror fan at all, so not a lot comes to mind, but… I have argued in the past that The Dark Knight should actually qualify as a work of psychological horror; just because it doesn’t have jump scares or buckets of gore doesn’t mean it’s not horror, and Heath Ledger’s Joker is profoundly unnerving. Anyway, it’s one of my favourite movies, so I guess I’d go with that.

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my usual cryptic fare and been also making sure that grumpo logs on skyforge and trek regularly~ oh, actually got him logging on champs at least once a week now :P he still worried he’ll get roped into RP and he has pmuch stopped that ever since he borked his arm a few years ago blaaaah but it is a start :3

anyway ramblings!

champions online

as much as i love champs, i have a usual reocurring gripe with the threat mechanics, (most of my alts are tanks) where i simply can not seem to hold threat anymore in group stuff (despite knowing how to tank and mindful of the appropriate mechanics, been playing for years and years, afterall) and since this entire annoyance creeps up every few months my brain goes into conspiracy land, wondering if they are constantly messing w/ threat to sorta promote the threat generating augments blah blah blah (highly unlikely they are obviously, but this is a very weird thing to happen so regularly)

star trek online

the less i say about getting my charas organized, the better. :P and i am akshully kinda hoping they resume their post-gamma arc sooner than later already, even tho i don’t feel one way or another about discovery content. just getting tired of it for now. PLEASE do not share your whatever opinions about discovery if you are thinking of responding. SO done w/ that nonsense. buuuuuut the new toys in the latest reputation seem like fun (as usual). and i still find it weird when ppl/friends claim trek is grindy (esp about reputations) o.o it the only game i play where i can accomplish eberyfin w/ very little time investment…. the catch being i has to log in regularly, but anyway, grind is different for everyone so i no holds it against them

so, my pals recently rolled new charas to try out neverwinter~ yay~the changes make getting in to the game awesim but the way they ripped out class versatility and experimentation without a replacement is just boneheaded grrr, so yeah, i rolled a new chara right along to run with them even tho my play time is limited :P still very annoyed with neverwinter’s focus on facing since it isn’t a tab targeting game… grumpo got around that by using paladins but now the changes jus keep him from playing effectively, not that he ever complains, but still … blah. and since they apparently had an identity crisis where they forgot they are crypric and KNOW how to manage scaling across their games and still keep it fun, i was kinna dumstruck about that botch on expansion launch grrr anyway, basically, neverwinter and i are doing our constant lovehate dance :P


started nosing around rift and trove too! had been wanting to try out trove for a long time and with the recent neverwinter changes it kinda pushed me to give them a go

so far, i like rift’s class system and the instant/intrepid adventure thing where you can just jump in and out of a sprawling dungeon type thing (handy teleport thingie there too) and probably my favorite thing is that if i don’t have to target players to throw out buffs and heals :3 the combat is sorta relaxed (not STO levels of control over the flow but close enough for my tastes) having a wardrobe system is neat too with all the armor visual collections, still not as much chara customization as i am used to but enough for me to not hold it against the game :3 i will admit, i have been paying absolutely no attention at all to the storyline just yet, since i’ve been focused on getting a feel for all the game’s systems…

trove, despite being cutesy just made it all seem extra grindy at the start so that was weird but then i stopped focusing on chara progression and went MINING… with asplosives, and everything became better, ahem…. still not a fan of ppl randomly porting on me when i end up lost somewhere underground and now those poor people have to work out how to get back to the surface to their whatever stuff. oh and the group content is very… neverwinter like, where experienced players mostly rush ahead and disappear. actually i am getting a feeling of neverwinter levels of lovehate in the future for trove… in fact, now that i have said that, i realize i am seeing way too many similarities to neverwinter. esp. as far as my annoyances are concerned and that is just bizarre… o kaka.


“Frailty” by far is my favorite scary movie. I really love that movie. It’s one of my favorite movies of all time even, even though scary movies aren’t my favorites.

I’ve found it to be not that well known even though it has some big actors in it and is absolutely amazing. I really can’t suggest watching it enough, even if you don’t like horror movies.


This week: The pigtails where over at a friends place enjoying my belated birthday dinner and pie they had prepared me. And we just got back.

Also this week: Even more WoW.

Have a great week and weekend folks! <3


*deep breath* Metro Exodus Anthem Far Cry New Dawn Conan Exiles Uboat Elder Scrolls Online Fallout ’76 State of Decay 2 Elite Dangerous City of Heroes *exhales*

It’s been a busy week because I’ve upgraded my graphics card (GTX 970 -> RTX 2060) and so I’ve been trying all my games out on high/ultra settings. I am a happy bunny.

Aliens is my favourite scary movie. I’m with mysecretid below in that I consider there are only two films in the Aliens franchise (although I think Alien 3 is a good standalone separate film if you forget the first two exist). I do, however, consider Alien to be a by-the-numbers slasher flick elevated to better status purely through being sci-fi and having an impressive villain. Aliens, on the other hand, is all kinds of awesome.


More FFXIV as usual. I wasn’t planning on it, but I’m leveling DRK again since a friend returned and is leveling AST so I wanted to tank for them. I’m going to switch over to Gunbreaker when Shadowbringers releases. I was one of the people that was not very happy with the changes Stormblood made to DRK.

I finished Stick of Truth, and while I wasn’t planning on playing it right away, the FBW has already hooked me. It’s so much fun. I played Stick of Truth more for the comedy, but the gameplay in the sequel is a lot better.

I’m also playing a lot of MHGU to tide me over until the Iceborne DLC for MHW. Currently hitting a wall right now though. I need to fight Hyper G-Rank Glavenus to limit break my armor, but he hits extremely hard. Still a lot of fun. I think I need to upgrade my water sword another time or two before I try again.

Bonus answer: My favorite scary movie is a three-way tie between Alien, The Thing, and Event Horizon. Yes, you’re in awe of my super duper original answer, I can tell. Honorable mentions go to Sphere and It Follows.

Kickstarter Donor

I am experiencing a deluge of ancient games demanding my attention right now. LotRO, still on hold in the middle of Rohan. Guild Wars 2, I levelled a Mesmer to the beginning of Heart of Thorns, but yet again found my enthusiasm blowing away like sand in the wind once I hit the expansion. Then EQ2, where I jumped in on the new progression server…but, aside from the random choice of what perhaps isn’t the best solo class (Dirge), I came to Nektulos Forest and found myself slogging to a halt. But that was just in time for City of Heroes, where I was overjoyed to reinvoke my old pen-and-paper Champions character Collapsar as a gravity controller, but having hit level 20 just as the double XP went away, felt it was dragging a bit.

That was, however, just in time for the Age of Conan anniversary! My attention was actually captured more by the new Unconquered mode, although again I might not have made the best class choice for that (Demonologist). But I’ll probably tear through Tortage within a day, and it all reminds me of just what a lovely game this is, standing out as it does away from the High Fantasy pack. Rise of the Godslayer was such a perfect expansion too, capturing the sensibility of those old Shaw Brothers movies so much better than any actual Asian MMO that I’ve seen, it’s a shame Funcom lost interest in developing the game after that point.

Kickstarter Donor

Oh man, I forgot to mention that I also binged all of Love Death and Robots on Netflix. It was so good. It’s a bunch of unrelated animated episodes between 5-20 minutes long with nothing really in common. There’s sci-fi, steampunk, some dystopian, and the style ranges from hand drawn to uncanny valley realism to pixar deformo. I really needed something like it, honestly. Also, very much NSFW, just to keep in mind.


I finally picked up SWG on Amazon for $25.00 and am starting up in Legends. I decided after I saw the Peter Mayhew tribute and had to see it in person. No idea what I am doing but I’m loving it. I’ll also be playing EVE and LOTRO, as well as AC Unity with my husband, mostly for the co-op missions.

I love most horror with an exception. No torture horror for me. My favorite movie is Diary of a Madman with Vincent Price. It’s an adaptation of Guy de Maupassant’s two short stories, Le Horla and Un fou.


Some Fell Seal: Arbiter’s Mark. Graphics and music are wonderful and the story seems interesting, but I find the controls clunky and don’t like the combat very much, so far. Maybe just me not getting it, idk.


Oh, and drooling over the early info on Realms Beyond and the artwork on its Kickstarter page. I discovered this game yersterday and it seems like a great party RPG. Won’t be out before early next year, unfortunately.


I had been playing SotA, a lot of SotA, and been working on multiple things. I also won an Inn at one of Atos twitch livestreams raffles and asked him to exchange with a crafting pavilion(viking style) and he did so I now somehow got 3 houses but all useful to me. A stone Row house, a walled village sized stone knights keep with corner turret and a viking crafting Pavillion where I moved all my crafting stations(by the way people can use your crafting stations and big musical instruments in sota unless you set it otherwise in rights which is something I love). Also working heavily on my blacksmithing which has many subskills like masterworking.

I had also been playing a decent amount of time on STO and used 450+ phoenix box upgrades among between my 6 chars upgrading various ship modules and ground gears. It has been fun too so far. I also should take some ships out for leveling and I am really excited they release a cleave battleship variant soon(the ship that rammed the europa in Discovery Star Trek)

I spent so much time, especially in SotA, that spent little time to anything else, just played a couple hours on SWTOR and maybe 30-40 mins on Project Gorgon.

MOP made me curious to try out Pagan Online so its on my list for future tryout. I also plan to buy Dual Universe, maybe next month, as I really love what I seen so far and can see it replacing what EVE was to me over time

I will probably post some screens next week especially from SotA adventures. Have a great weekend everyone.