Warface is going to Mars for some co-op action


Shooting enemies on this boring old rock of ours we call Earth? Pfft. Child’s play. Shooting enemies on Mars? Now you’re talking, and I’m not talking Doom, but I am talking Warface, which is introducing a new co-op raid that takes place on the surface of the red planet along with promise of “big changes” to the shooter’s gameplay.

The upcoming raid will task players with rescuing Mars colonists from the sinister Blackwood military organization. This content will introduce new enemies, two brand-new bosses, the matter of handling low gravity, some stealth segments that will reportedly reward good teamwork, and the ability to pilot SED robot suits. Because almost everything is better with robot suits.

The Mars campaign will also kick off a new battle pass. The “Armageddon” Battle Pass will offer over 100 different PvP and PvE challenges for players to complete over the course of three months. Rewards for clearing these objectives include Mars-themed weapons and camouflage, an Armageddon armor set, and a unique shotgun for the Medic class at the very top of the pass. Pre-orders for this battle pass are already available.

All of this dusty red content will be hitting the PC version of Warface in June, while PS4 and Xbox One players will see it this fall.

source: press release
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