Dota 2 paywalls its Avoid Player feature by including it with its Battle Pass

The real adventure was the friends we paid to avoid along the way


The nature of the beast in team-based competitive games is this awful notion that frustration with how a match plays out gives one carte blanche to type some truly horrific stuff to other human beings because you’re a mental twelve-year-old. Avoiding those sorts of players in Dota 2 could be a bit easier with the inclusion of an experimental Avoid Player feature… but you have to pay to use it.

Among the other goodies included in this year’s Dota 2 International Battle Pass is the aforementioned feature which lets you add player names to a blacklist from the post-game screen to avoid being teamed with them again. If this is something you want to try to use, you’ll have to shell out the $9.99 in order to have the privilege.

The Avoid Player function doesn’t appear to be operating quite as assumed, with names added to the Avoid list still showing up in matches, though one should bear in mind that this perhaps is part of that whole “experimental” aspect of the feature and will ideally be a bug that is squashed.

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Do you like paying for standard QoL features? I sure do (not).

Anton Mochalin

The only problem I have with “mental twelve-year-olds” is that they don’t play as good as they can while being busy venting their anger. However actual twelve-year-olds tend to play better than me on average so I don’t think I need such a feature in any game.

Bruno Brito

The real adventure was the friends we paid to avoid along the way


Malcolm Swoboda

That’s kind of pathetic.

Patreon Donor

Pay for a feature that doesnt even work quite right? Lord have mercy come on Valve lol