Sea of Thieves’ latest quality-of-life update tweaks arena waiting time, cooking, and rowboats


Yesterday’s Sea of Thieves update marks the second release in year two of the game’s rollout, and it’s a bit of a mixed bag. Rare tweaked a number of outstanding issues, like rowboat harpooning, arena crew icons, inside rewards, the gold hoard curse, inventory management, and “visual variety” for the cooking pot. The Reddit thread on the patch is likewise a mixed bag, with folks expressing confusion over the mechanics changes as well as reporting fresh new bugs with specific missions.

Meanwhile, Rare’s Joe Neate sat for a quick developer video update recapping the patch’s highlights. Apparently, waiting time in the arena was stealth-patched a week ago, meaning players should be spending far less time waiting around in the tavern before matches now. Neate also notes that the studio is focused on feedback for the last few patches and says there’s not much to preview right, though the team will be at E3 in a few weeks, so maybe take that as a hint that the company’s holding just a bit back for that event. Cross your fingers, mateys.