Star Citizen explains customized ships and ship gear insurance while exploring black market trade mechanics


Star Citizen’s done something rather rare this week: It’s posted up a detailed Q&A on ship customization that cuts right to the big questions players have about ships. Of most interest to backers might be the section on customized ships that are destroyed and reclaimed – i.e., how exactly does ship gear insurance work.

“In these scenarios, manufacturer customizations are covered under the base insurance, meaning when you respawn your ship, it will already have your customizations/loadout equipped. This means no more having to re-equip your customizations after your ship has been destroyed/reclaimed. We’re very happy to share that with the rollout of 3.5.1, this is not only exclusive to using the customization tool – changes you make to your ship in-game will persist after being reclaimed. Longer term, your insurance deductible will be based on the equipment/attachments on your ship.”

Meanwhile, the game’s latest Inside Star Citizen video is all about the game’s black market economy – yes, gunrunning, drug trading, smuggling, fences, stolen goods, and all that fun stuff.

Source: Official site, Q&A. Thanks, DK and Cotic!
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