Fallout 76 project lead argues that the repair kits aren’t pay-to-win… as long as you’re not competing with anyone

Oh, is that all.

Before the launch of Fallout 76 the promise was that the game’s cash shop would contain only cosmetic options and nothing that actually affected gameplay. You know, the standard “no pay-to-win” boilerplate that historically marks any game. This has been rather torpedoed with the addition of repair kits that not only fully repair items instantly but even allow them to become more durable than would normally be possible. But project lead Jeff Gardiner opined in a recent interview that these items aren’t pay-to-win because you aren’t competing with one another:

I will argue [with] anybody that [repair kits] makes you win at the game. First of all, you’re not really competing with one another, except for in PvP mode. We have all the information, how often people repair, what they repair, and again, you can repair in the game, it’s simply just a strict convenience thing. That’s my take on repair kits.

Gosh, it’s a good thing that PvP isn’t a central feature of the game in any way, and it’s also good that any hypothetical PvP is entirely consensual and in no way open or outside of player control. The full interview is probably worth reading for any fans of the game, as it also contains the promise that the developers are still looking into more mod support for different platforms and the possibility of things like the Creation Club.

Source: PC Gamer via VG24/7

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Increasingly it seems to me that the only way to ‘win’ at any online game is not to play at all.




Selling repair kits in the cash shop is unpleasant but some of the comments on this thread are somewhat loose on accuracy.

Most repairs are screws/steel/leather/springs/ballistic fiber or similar. And all of that is easy to pick up whilst doing whatever it is you want to be doing. I’m not a big fan of crafting/repair in general but even I don’t find it a chore. If you’re not looting fans, clipboards and scrap as you go along then you’re… what, existing on poor quality looted guns alone? Because you certainly aren’t crafting your own – because repairing them is the same materials used in creating the weapons in the first place.

Arguing the system is designed deliberately to facilitate cash shop sales – given that repairs being grindy is one complaint that didn’t surface during Fallout 76’s launch (and the system hasn’t changed since) comes across as inaccurate to say the least.

Aiun Tanks

This is a disturbing trend. Developers are trying to take ownership of and redefine the ‘pay2win’ label, in an effort to get away with not getting called out for what they’re doing.

Someone quoted Star Citizen’s powerful ships for sale being declared ‘not P2W’, but see also the argument made by the Artifact designers – https://win.gg/news/1306 – who pushed back on P2W accusastions as either being only ever used by ignorant trolls, or short-hand for, “More expensive than I’d like to pay” (direct fucking quote).

This needs to be stamped down on, HARD.

Microtransactions are either purely cosmetic, or they’re P2W.
That’s it. Binary. Anything else is just arguing the degree to which they’re P2W and whether that’s appropriate or not. (Eg: there is GOOD P2W. See: Warframe.)


I guess people are spending Atoms in the shop for these, so he needs to defend them.

Silentwolf Sherman

Really feel the need to add this point. Using the repair kits is tedious as ****. Anyone trying to break away from combat to use a workbench and work there way to the repair kit option is going to get their butt slaughtered. The repair kits simply save time for those not wanting to hunt for screws and all that junk. And true FO76 players are going to have more than one weapon on hand, esp those wanting to pvp. As for buying atoms….I usually earn 150-200 atoms a week from challenges and I don’t even play every day.


The problem with P2W is that everyone has a different definition for what it means making meaningful discussions virtually impossible except in the most extreme cases. This is not an extreme case.

Randy Savage



Aren’t the most basic repair kits the ones you can buy with Atoms, while the better quality ones are earned in-game?

I mean, yeah, it’s technically not pay-to-win, it’s paying for an advantage/convenience, which devs love to tiptoe around arguing that it’s not P2W as long as PvP isn’t involved. It’s a gray area that’s regularly exploited.

That said, quite frankly the repair kits are a minor enough thing to where yeah, people should be wary and make sure Bethesda stops the line there, but ultimately no one really cares except for a small minority who’ll keep nagging about this. Armor/weapon damage isn’t going to come into play during a big PvP fight unless it’s incredibly drawn out, and the best advantage I can see that you get from this is that you don’t have to visit a workbench of some type (which you can find at least one in most areas of the game). Ultimately it’s a minor thing and if people really want to waste money on it, more convenience to them I guess?

Again it’s one of those things where the line needs to be drawn and folks need to be vocal to make sure that Bethesda doesn’t try to go further down the slippery slope, but at the same time it’s not breaking the game or giving some unfair advantage.


I think they need a pay for the devs to shut up feature, how are these guys allowed to say so many idiotic things so often?