There are story hints on display in the latest Monster Hunter World: Iceborne trailer


Players eagerly anticipating new things to hunt and new places to hunt them will no doubt be glued to the monitor for the latest Monster Hunter World trailer showing off the Iceborne update. It has a look at the new areas, after all, including the new hub of Seliana. It also has hints about the story that comes along with these new areas (which is more elaborate than just “let’s go hunt things over there now”), so that’s also good.

Oh, and it features riding monsters; that’s going to raise a few eyebrows.

Yes, the trailer seems to imply that when you’re done slaughtering things for parts of their bodies, you can now use them instead of running around like a sucker on your own two feet. So that’s probably also a welcome addition. Check out the full trailer just below to fill your mind with speculation, although you’ll still be waiting until September for the update to arrive on consoles (there’s no firm date for the PC version beyond “later than September”).

Source: YouTube via VG24/7

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